Men's Shoe Sizing

Men's Shoe Sizing is easy. just go with your US size and if your size falls in between two sizes (such as 10.5), go with one size bigger (size 11) and if your feet are skinny, go with one size smaller (size 10).



Women's Shoe Sizing

We recommend you to select the shoe size based on the length of your foot. A great way to measure your foot size is to place your foot on a white sheet of paper, draw an outline of your foot and measure the distance between two farthest ends in cms as shown in the picture below. Then follow the chart and order your size.
If your size lies between two sizes, choose the bigger size option.
Time for some drawing fun.

Women's Shoe Sizing Chart

3 6.5/7 23.5
4 7.5/8 24.1
5 8.5/9 25.1
6 9.5/10 25.9
7 10.5/11 26.7